Volunteer Trip FAQs

Here are some FAQS we receive. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!


Question: What is the dress code at the school?

Answer: For girls, wear leggings with a Threads shirt. They told us to try to dress professionally and not wear shorts although it is very hot! Guys can wear shorts or pants.

Question: Will there be access to running water/toilets?

Answer: Everywhere we went there were toilets. Some houses had running water for showers, some were bucket showers, but we always had access to toilets!



Question: How many bags can I take?

Answer: I took a drawstring bag and a duffel bag with me. I never had to carry the duffel bag with me, I was able to leave it in the house and just bring what I needed in the drawstring bag whenever I went anywhere:) You’ll be able to put liquids in a check in bag!

Question: Will I be safe in Senase?

Answer: You will be VERY safe there. Everyone is family and is always looking out for one another. And there will never be a point where you are alone, you will always have at least one volunteer with you!

Question: Will I be able to use my phone?

Answer: It depends on your phone service. Some phone companies have a deal with Ghana where you will have service there, but I have Verizon and I didn’t have any service. I paid for a travel plan ($10 a day) where I was able to text & call my parents, but I was one of the only ones that had service the whole trip. If you are concerned about keeping in touch with family, contact your phone service and see what they recommend!


Question: What do you eat in Ghana?

Answer: For breakfast, they make us porridge and a banana. Sometimes, usually at Fred’s house, we will have eggs. For lunch and dinner, it rotates between chicken, beans, rice, plantains, their version of spaghetti and sauce, and on the last day they made us French fries (again, their version). On the walk to school, we would stop for crackers and a can of coke… this is because we weren’t big fans of the porridge, but maybe you will like it! Don’t knock it, til ya try it!


Question: What are the sleeping conditions like?

Answer: At Fred’s house in Accra, there was air conditioning and beds / couches for us. When we are in senase, we will all be staying at Fred’s mom’s house. I (Emily) stayed here last year and it was comfortable for me to sleep in (& I get hot when I sleep). There was a fan in my room, bunk beds, and a mosquito net around each bed. I did not have a problem sleeping there.


Question: Will there be clean water for us to drink?

Answer: We will be provided with water bottles and bagged water to drink! No need to worry about never having enough water, there will be enough. Bagged water is super fun to drink out of also. We also bought Brita water bottles with us.


Question: Should I be worried about the bugs?

Answer: No, we packed bug spray last year to use. We rarely used the bug spray. Emily sprayed usually in the morning and Jen sprayed herself once the entire trip. We survived! You will be okay! Especially with taking your malaria pills every day!


Question: Do they have outlets to charge my phone?

Answer: You will need to purchase a converter for the wall. Last year, people (Jen & Shannon) brought a converter that had room for more than one charger.


Question: Can I bring granola bars/cliff bars, etc.?

Answer: Yes! I definitely recommend bringing some incase you do not like the food. 


Question: What is it like being in a third world country?

Answer: It is A LOT different than being in America or Europe or wherever you have traveled to that is not a country of poverty. While you may feel some culture shock at first, it will pass as time goes on. The individuals in Ghana are extremely happy & thankful people. While they may not have much, they are filled with gratitude for us being there.


We are looking forward to an awesome trip with you! Get ready for your lives to change forever!

Any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us!