Our Mission

It is our mission at Threads for Education to create equality across global education.

250 million kids can’t read or write. In rural areas throughout the world, kids walk hours just to get to school, and even after years of schooling 75 percent of kids still can’t read a single word.


We believe that with access to quality education, all students can succeed.  

THAT’S WHY we provide scholarships to local teachers in the areas we work with who are striving to further their training and education but do not have the funds to do so.


We believe that children shouldn't have to walk long miles to school. 

THAT’S WHY Threads for Education donates school buses to help safely transport all kids back and forth from the school. .

We believe that a consistent flow of qualified and passionate volunteers are needed to make this mission a reality.

THAT’S WHY each year we’re taking groups of dedicated changemakers to the schools we work with to train teachers, build classrooms, and develop programming for students.  Find out more about our upcoming trips and how you can become a part.